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9 months from initial planning phase to testing, training and delivering a fully completed project.

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Key Outcomes

Health Screening Software
We were being asked by clients to use a booking system and we couldn’t find one that was flexible enough to incorporate our requirements. After speaking with Paul and his team, we knew we had found the right partners and within 8 weeks Lemon Squeezee delivered the best and simplest booking system we could find. Bookings are made in less than 30 seconds and administration level access can monitor uptake at any time so we can work much smarter for clients. It’s now something that sets us aside from others in the industry!

Strategy & approach

Initially the client was licensing software from another provider, however this was very inflexible and in addition, the user interface was very complex and required medical information to be inputted across several pages. This resulted in a delay between pages whilst the system loaded and ultimately resulted in inefficiency and sometimes poor service. The complicated but vital part element of the project was to build a system that worked both online and offline, which technically proved to be the challenge as there was nothing else available that did this. Once this had been resolved the next phase was to gather all of the medical text and normative values from the client and put this into a database table based on whether a test result was healthy, borderline or unhealthy.
Recommendations were then added based on a selection tick box that allowed the consultant to choose pre-determined text relevant to their patient, saving time typing out the same advice each day. Once the majority of the system had been constructed, and after several weeks of client testing had been successfully completed, there was a lot of fine-tuning to specific parts of the system to ensure that it ran efficiently and smoothly for everyone involved. The concluding part of the project was to finalise the reporting section and including the ability to allocate different consultants to each health screening project in order to ensure that data wasn’t visible to everyone. This proved to be three years ahead of the GDPR drive in 2018.

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