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6 months from initial planning phase to testing, training and to deliver the fully completed project.

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Key Outcomes

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This whole project was the largest we’ve invested in but was essential for us to grow our business. Managing so many projects each year, it is vital that we provided a detailed specification so that the technical team could work their magic. And they did more than this, they added even better ideas to what we’d already planned for, saving even more time off our planned efficiency improvements

Strategy & approach

We were given a very specific (and challenging) remit for this project; to digitalise an excel spreadsheet that had been used for several years that today manages around 2,000 annual projects. With each project being different, the system needed to be very bespoke and also link with key fields from their CRM system.

Our priority was to build an infrastructure that allowed for access to the CRM but also took into account a large number of process driven requirements, automating as much as possible so that the client only needed to input key information to set up a new project. As part of this, there were various ‘sections’ that were required including: clients, services, team data, diary pages, team availability, improvement log and of course a simplified list of all bookings to manage them in a timely manner. 

A secondary requirement that was also built was an internal audit log of all activity. The end result helped improve efficiency by a huge 60-75% and this alone made the project worth investing in as it paid for itself within 12 months simply from the admin time saved. Ultimately, this was a strategic decision from the client, to build a platform that helps them to grow exponentially without the hassle and need to update systems every 6-12 months. To complete the project, we were asked to build a team handbook icon, which included all company policies and information, so that all information was in one central location and we are now working with the client to add new innovative features that keep them ahead of their industry.

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